Tuesday, January 5, 2010

August 2009 - He told me so

A daily conversation...
he said he would never leave me
I asked him if he knew what he was getting into
he said he would love me forever
I said forever is a long time
he that's ok, he has a long time
I told him I wasn't worth it
he said he made me and knew my worth
he said he loved me
I told him to prove it
he said he died for me
I asked him why
he said I was worth it
I told him I want to serve him but didn't know how
he said he would show me
I told him I wanted to surrender but I didn't know if I could learn to trust
he said he would teach me
I told him I wanted to love him but I was incapable of loving anyone more than myself
he said to quit doubting his power
I told him I was weak
he said he was strong enough for the both of us
I told him I was small
he said he was bigger than all my insecurities
I told him I was scared
he said he was always beside me
he said he had a plan for me since the beginning. he told me I was special
I told him I didn't believe him
he said he made me for his glory
I didn't have anything left to say
he asked me if I was ready
I told Him I didn't think so
he said I am

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